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Preseason football is stupid, but here’s some analysis anyways

The Green Bay Packers have two football games under their belt here in August, and what do we know about the team? Well, not all that much, really. Here are the five things that popped into my head about the last two weeks:


I don’t want to blame Jordy Nelson’s (alleged) ACL tear on that, BUT I’M GOING TO BECAUSE I’M ANGRY AND IRRATIONAL. It sucks. Everything sucks. I talked at length during Saturday’s show about how all we should be doing is praying that guys don’t get hurt. What’s the point in […]

How will Ryan Braun be remembered?

Ryan Braun’s record-breaking home run last night came in what’s become a Ryan Braun signature, at least over the past couple of seasons (read: since his thumb injury). A powerful, elevated line drive to the opposite field, easily clearing the fence for the 252nd time both as a Brewers player and in his major league career. I didn’t watch the home run as it happened (it was a day game, and you know, work), but I saw the highlights shortly thereafter. The home run didn’t get a whole lot of hype or a goosebump-inducing standing ovation. It was a […]

Golf is in a good place

I know I’ve written this before, but golf sure has been fun to watch recently. Even with Tiger Woods being simply an afterthought at the majority of tournaments these days, golf is very compelling. Now, I know there’s a substantial crowd that could never bring themselves to watch golf on TV, but let me assure you, people are watching.

Now, full disclosure, according to the same site, ratings for yesterday were down, but that can be chalked up to the less-than-ideal amount of drama that unfolded on the final day. It was Jason Day’s tournament to lose, and although Jordan […]

Mason McCoy

I’ve only worked in the Northwoods League for three seasons, but I’ve seen my fair share of players come and go through Copeland Park and the various facilities around the league. None of them have been quite like Mason McCoy.

I’ve had the privilege of watching him every time he stepped up to the plate at Copeland Park this season, and his approach never changed. Find a pitch, but the barrel of the bat on it, and hit it hard. It’s not a complicated process, but Mason does it extraordinarily well.

Take his record-breaking hit on Saturday for example. He got […]

Loggers magic number at two

There are reasons why people refer to the Northwoods League as a “hitter’s league” and last night is one of the reasons why.

The Loggers have played in a bunch of strange games this season, but this one might have taken the cake.

It’s a game that featured 11 pitchers (with neither starter making it out of the second inning), four-hit games by three different players, and a walk-off wild pitch.

Mason McCoy did his usual thin, going 4-for-6 to bump his season total to 102 hits on the season. The NWL record is at 107, so McCoy has a chance to […]

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