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Badgers rise to the challenge

The Badgers are a flawed team that will have to find different ways to win.

Some of the numbers from the Maryland win on Sunday weren’t pretty. Wisconsin shot 21 of 37 from the free throw line, including just 9 of 17 after halftime, yet found a way to keep the Terrapins at bay by a big enough margin that the foul line shooting didn’t end up mattering as much as it really could have. The old Bo Ryan adage of “make more free throws than your opponent attempts” almost held through, as Maryland went 14-of-23 from the line.

Ethan Happ […]

How do the Badgers keep winning?

I wanted to write about Jabari Parker, but that situation just makes me so sad. He’s such a great dude and a fantastic player. The only solace I’m taking is that he doesn’t turn 22 until next month, and maybe, somehow, he’ll be able to rebound from now a SECOND ACL TEAR to get back to realizing something close to his potential. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Now, onto the other basketball team in this fine state…

How the heck do the Wisconsin Badgers keep winning?

They improved to 21-3 overall with a 70-69 win on the road against the Nebraska […]

Rush to Judgement

Sunday’s Super Bowl was awesome. The dynamic offense of the Atlanta Falcons was on full display in the first half, and then by golly, was the second half something special. Tom Brady and James White (and Julian Edelman and everyone else) led a remarkable comeback, gave us the first overtime in Super Bowl history, and left even Patriots haters with a feeling of satisfaction after that one.


It’s a tough question to answer, especially in the moment. Recency bias is an easy thing to get caught up in. The 1958 NFL Championship game […]

Bucks sliding, but front office fixes a roster wrong

On the heels of a 10-game stretch in which the Milwaukee Bucks lost nine games (hint: that’s not good), John Hammond and the front office did a thing on Thursday afternoon.

In the short term, the move only really complicates things in the frontcourt. Instead of a quartet of Thon Maker, Greg Monroe, John Henson and Miles Plumlee, there’s now Maker, Monroe, Henson, Hibbert and Hawes to try to find minutes for.

My gut reaction tells me the breakdown will go like this:
Delly and Malcolm Brogdon splitting time at PG

Khris Middleton (when he returns soon!) and Tony Snell splitting time at SG

Giannis […]

What do the Packers do now?

On ESPN dot com, the venerable Bill Barnwell laid out what decisions the teams that made the NFL playoffs this season are going to be faced with. Of course, I simply skipped through the column until the section on the Green Bay Packers, but was met with some positive news when I got there.

The Packers will have at least nine free agents that they will need to make decisions on. Some are easy decisions one way or another, and like many others, some come down to making sure the two sides can agree on a fair deal. According to […]

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